Interest Rate Notice Date: 11/23/20
Type of Loan Rate Lock Period (to Lender) Mortgage Rate Borrower Assistance
FHA/VA/USDA-RHS 45 Day 3.875% 3.00
FHA/VA/USDA-RHS 45 Day 4.125% 4.00
Freddie Mac HFA Advantage 45 Day 2.625% 0.00
Freddie Mac HFA Advantage 45 Day 3.250% 3.00
Freddie Mac HFA Advantage 45 Day 4.000% 4.00

* Please note on the SMAP program that USDA/RD rates are subject to the USDA Daily Maximum rate limit and may not be available to lock on a given day. Please verify with you lender for availability.

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